Block Up Converter S-band

Block Up Converter S band



Description and purpose:


A BUC is a Block Up Converter. The S band BUC gives 2200-2300 MHz output frequencies for 422 -522MHz input frequencies. Stability of the output frequency is important so the local oscillator is locked to an internal frequency reference.

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Items Specifications
1 Input frequency range, MHz 422…522 (or by order)
2 Output frequency range, MHz 2200…2300 (or by order)
3 LO frequency, MHz 1778,002 (or by order)
4 Image rejection, dB 50
5 The relative thermal instability of the LO frequency in the range of operating temperatures, not more than +/-2*10-6
6 Gain, dB, not less than 65
7 Gain variation, dB, no more than 0,5
8 ALP range, dB, not less than 35
9 VSWR at the input of the converter at any state of ARM, no more than 1,4
10 IMD 3 relative to the useful signal with a total output power of 1W, dBc, no more than -45
11 VSWR at the output, no more than 1,25
12 IMD 3 level on the useful signal with a total output power of 1W, dBc/Hz, offset  
                          -1kHz -70
                          -10kHz  -95
                          -100kHz  -105
13 LO radiation, dBc, no more than 65
14 DC power, V