Wireless TV broadcasting systems

Wireless TV broadcasting systems ROKS

PrJSC «ROKS» develops, manufactures and installs the MMDS (in frequencies band 2-11 GHz), MVDDS/MITRIS (10 – 15 GHz) and LMDS (15 – 28 GHz) systems, modifications of which are protected by Ukrainian Patents.


Wireless multimedia systems

Wireless multimedia systems ROKS

Developing of information-broadcasting complexes on MMDS, MVDDS technologies where the DOCSIS equipment are used. UWMS-R systems unite broadcasting and information systems with video information gathering system functions.

Radio relay stations

Radio relay stations ROKS

Manufacturing and installing RRL equipment (2 – 30 GHz) for QPSK/8PSK/QAM modulations.                 Main appointment -                             digital television signals transmitting.                           


Wireless video surveillance

Wireless video observation

Developing of professional video surveillance systems for municipal organization. Innovative solutions allowed to surpass the capacity of existing WLAN systems.                                                               

Partner offers of traning

Wireless video observation

State university of telecommunications, strategic partner of ROKS in the field of telecommunication studies, invites foreign citizens for training in Ukraine.

Main products

reporting multichanell microwave system

portable camera back

DVB-ASI TS Re-Multiplexer

BUC, Ku-band

Omni-directional antenna