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Do you want to become an operator of TV broadcasting and make money? We will tell you how to do it quickly and efficiently using our system MVDS / MITRIS!

From an economic point of view a system of digital multichannel TV broadcasting MVDS / MITRIS is one of the most effective and fast payback. Hundreds of MVDS / MITRIS operators around the  world receive evidence in this. The Company ROKS stands at the origins of this technology and can say with pride that this technology is the brainchild of Ukrainian engineers

So what is the main feature and attraction of building a broadcasting network by

MVDS / MITRIS technology?

  • Head-end and the MVDS / MITRIS network is very flexible and easily scalable, at the initial stage of construction it makes your costs minimal, and with the development and expansion of customer base - increases the number of services and cover zone.
  • Easy control over the subscriber base, through the use of a reliable system of conditional access and billing software - you know, and control each of your subscribers, providing them with that service, which he will choose, that is, in fact, you become a local "satellite operator".
  • The availability and low cost of user equipment - every operator knows the importance of this issue, because having a subscriber base of several thousand users, the overpayment in a few dollars per one unit of CPE evolves into a few thousand in wholesale purchase. In the case of MVDS / MITRIS system you cannot afraid because subscriber's equipment is the usual set for reception of satellite TV!
  • Providing the elective content (list of programs) to your subscribers (more than 100 programs) - with this advantage you'll be out of competition compared to the satellite and on-air FTA broadcasting because you can give to your customers exactly that programs, about which they only heard and dreamed of getting them, and this is for a single payment from one hands.
  • Improvement of our equipment has made it possible to use the system MVDS / MITRIS not only with QPSK modulation, but even QAM! This innovation allows you to significantly reduce the required frequency range!
  • Wireless Technology - MVDS / MITRIS is a wireless system, that’s why by the pace of deployment you will be able to beat any competing cable operator, and get into the houses to which your competition can not even get close.
  • Tried-and-true decision - deciding to become a MVDS / MITRIS operator , you will not be a pathfinder, because hundreds of operators around the world are successfully working with this technology for many years, stored extensive experience in operating the system, and we - the company ROKS - all those years we were developing and improving technology to offer it to you now.
  • Permanent support - the company ROKS, as a developer and system integrator with extensive experience will never leave you one by one with your problems by providing advice and technical support.

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Ievgenii Kukhol

Leading engineer of ROKS

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Petro Himich

Engineer. Team Leader for Company "ROKS"