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Transmitting Complex of the Multimedia System Central and Base Stations Having Cellular Structure "MITRIS-CS"

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An essence of useful model: the device has the combiner-equalizer which by N inputs is connected to N outputs of quadrature modulators, and on an output is connected to an input of a multichannel power divider, which on N outputs is connected with N inputs of radio relay transmitters which are connected to radio relay antennas, and on M outputs are connected to M broadcast transmitters, thus everyone broadcast transmitter is connected to the antenna, and quadrature modulators carry out modulation QPSK, QAM or COFDM, adjustment of channels on frequency and formation signals spectra in a range of intermediate frequencies, broadcast and radiorelay transmitters work within the limits of the same frequencies ranges, and at M broadcast transmitters each of them is connected to M sector antennas which form antenna system.


Patent for United Wireless Multimedia System (UWMS)

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Significant increases in the transferred information volume due to sector antennas system and frequencies reuse, formations in the digital TV transmitters multifrequency group signals consisting of several radio-frequency transfer channels and several direct channels of information signals transfer, opportunity of two types user’s station service: for TV broadcasting signals reception and information reports transmit/receive, for TV broadcasting signals reception only, essential function expansion due to connection of the video information gathering system having two-level structure.


The Method Of Shadowed Areas Elimination And A Service Zone Expansion By The Co-Channels Repeaters Using

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At the expense of the method assuming introduction in a multichannel broadcasting network (mainly multichannel single frequency synchronous network – multichannel SFN) equipment structure co-channels repeaters shadowed areas in network cells are liquidated, and also network as a whole borders extend.


UWMS-R as Advanced UWMS That Assigns For Working in Heavy Rain Regions

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Provides essential increase in a dynamic range at USs receivers inputs, levels difference reduction of the signals radiated by transmitters of video information gathering posts receive-transmit blocks transmitters and, thus, CS segments receivers necessary dynamic range reduction. The device survive during heavy rains, but it can be used and in usual conditions as the given device allows to lower expenses for installation of system and to lower operational expenses.


Base Station Architecture Supporting On-Air Frequency Multiplexing (Variants)

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Provides essential increase in the service zone sizes at the expense of increase for each separate radio channel radiated power, and also at the expense of a multichannel single frequency synchronous broadcast network construction possibility gaining, in the centres of mutually overlapping cells which take places declared BSs. The declared system provides increase in efficiency of single-channel transmitters and possibility of simplification and reduction in base stations price because at IF signalling on separate veins of a multicore fiber-optic cable the synchronization system becomes simpler, decrease signal losses and the system noise stability raises. Besides, lighting protection becomes more reliable.