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Interactive wireless systems

The system works in two frequencies bands:

• 12.75-13.25 GHz – downstream signaling;
• 10.15-10.65 GHz – transfer of the upstream channels.

Each of these frequencies bands is divided into two strips 150 MHz wide, the protection interval between them is equal 200 MHz. For creation of prototypes it is offered to use for transfer only a strip of 12.75-12.9 GHz, and for reception – 10.15-10.3 GHz.
Division into two strips is caused by need of frequency division by transfer of the upstream channels in the next sectors therefore the bottom range is intended for transfer in odd sectors, and top – in even. Total quantity of sectors always is the even number.

Station parameters:

Receiver parametersValue
Receiver input working frequencies range, GHz  12.75-12.9; 13.1-13.25
Receiver output working frequencies range, GHz 1.8-1.95
Transmitter input frequencies range, MHz 650-800
Transmitter output frequencies range, GHz 10.15-10.3; 10.5-10.65
Local oscillator frequency, MHz 10950; 11300
Local oscillator frequency instability (is defined by a reference signal), ppm +/–0.5
Transmitter parameters
Working frequencies range, GHz           10.15-10.3; 10.5-10.65
Output receiver dynamic range, dBm –40...0
Input transmitter dynamic range, dBm –30...–10
Transmitter nominal output level, dBm 20
Transmitter gain factor (without adjustment), dB 50
Adjustment range in the transmitter and the receiver, the dB, not less than 34
Reference signal level on transmitter input, dBm –10...0
Antenna parameters
Gain factor, dBi:  
Option 1 (Cassegrain) 33
Option 2 (Horn) 13


Subscriber`s device:

Input downstream receiver frequencies range, MHz 1800-1950
Input CPE frequencies range, MHz 14-42
Output upstream transmitter frequencies range, MHz 650-800
Frequency deviation from nominal value, KHz, no more than 5


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Thumb uwms

United Wireless Multimedia System (UWMS)

United Wireless Multimedia System (UWMS) is intended for simultaneous providing both Internet and interactive TV services.


Thumb uwms r


UWMS-R is an upgraded variant of UWMS system. The same as and UWMS, UWMS-R is an interactive system MVDDS with addition of gathering system that is able to collect the great volumes of video data.