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Date: 17.10.2022

Hello, dear friends!

All of you know very well that all these months we have been in an extremely difficult situation for business and moreover for our own lives due to the full-scale invasion of russia into the territory of Ukraine.

Your support during this difficult time always brings us internal feelings of strongness and we always hear our internal voice ”don't give up”, sometimes your support makes us crying and everytime your kind words encouraged us a lot. Thank you all

We realized that we are important not only for our loved ones, but also for you, dear friends. It was like some kind of test when partner can be a friend - heartfelt thanks to you all

We desided to organize the business for everyone in the best possible way to continue providing you with all the necessary equipment and remote support for solving all questions about headends. And we did it successfully!

And the last week and today again it was launched missiles from the territory of belarus and russia and 'suicide' drones at several cities in Ukraine - including Kyiv - where we live and our main office is located. They want to destroy our homes, children playgrounds, children gardens, schools, clinics, hospitals, offcies, markets and many others but NOT military objects. Do they want to scare us?! They are terrorists! But their terrorism was once again stopped by Ukrainian army. Thank God our loved ones are safe.

We will stand still and never fall.
Thank everyone who stands with Ukraine right now and will stand while see Ukrainian victory!

Thank you all, dear friends, for your heartfelt kind words of support and concern for our lives, your kindness is immeasurable