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Multipurpose devices are directed to Television studios, Cable and Wireless TV network operators. Combination of majority of functions demanded by customers in one box isaspecial feature of most popular products.


Swedish Microwave (SMW) is a leading manufacturer of professional Low Noise Blockdownconverters (LNB) for the satellite market. The products are used in VSAT systems (Very Small Aperture Terminals), SNGs (Satellite News Gathering), Cable-TV headends, Marine VSAT, and Satcom-On-The-Move applications.


MMCL are continuing to research and develop to seek a better satellite market based on technology on wire(less) broadcasting and communication including satellite of range of Micro wave and Millimeter wave.

Rf design

Since 1998 RF-Design with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Lorsch/GERMANY is providing professional RF equipment and RF distribution solutions for the international Satellite-, Broadcast- and Broadband communications industry. Today they are specialists in developing, manufacturing and marketing professional RF equipment while their experience, flexibility, customer oriented service and their  high quality products have made them a reputable partner within this sophisticated industry. Their product range covers all necessary equipment to manage your individual RF signals in a perfect way.


ETL Systems has been designing and manufacturing RF equipment since 1984, and from 2003 onwards benefited from the new management of Ian Hilditch and Dr Esen Bayar. In 2013 it received its third Queens Award for Enterprise, marking impressive growth in International Trade, and is now one of the world’s leading RF manufacturers to the Satellite industry.

Hexu microwave

Shanghai Hexu Microwave, a high-tech manufacturer, specializes in development, design, production, and service of microwave and mobile communication fields. It's products encompass flexible waveguide, coaxial components, hard waveguide components, antenna, RF cable assemblies and millimeter wave components as well as mobile communication passive components.


Founded in 1993, Gospell Digital Technology Co Ltd (GOSPELL). is a private hi-tech enterprise with R&D, manufacturing, business consultancy and planning, trade, delivery, project implementation and after sales service, acting as a complete DTV and triple-play solution provider for Digital TV/OTT related projects.


Televes is a leading global company focused in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for distributing telecommunication services throughout the infrastructures of buildings and homes. A key signature trade of the company, Televes believes in delivering superior quality products through an exquisite manufacturing process.

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Crypton Company has been a leading manufacturer of conditional access systems and equipment for digital broadcasting for more than 15 years. Crypton Company is delighted to offer cable, MITRIS, MMDS and IPTV operators the following equipment for digital broadcasting: CAS Crypton scramblers, professional receivers, multiplexers, MPEG-2 coders, QPSK modulators and subscriber receivers.