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Request for development of Interactive TV+Internet system

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1. Coordinates of Main Station, GPS

2. Radius and form of the service zone (show on the map), km

3. Type of system:
a) DVB+IP (DVB for TV and IP for Internet)
b) All IP (TV+Internet in IP)

4. Possible quantity of (depends from type of system):
a) TV clients (min-max)
b) TV+Internet clients (min-max)
c) Internet clients (min-max)

5. Frequency range for forward channel, GHz

6. Frequency range for return channel, GHz

7. Polarization (Horizontal, Vertical, Circular)

8. Forward channel speed per 1 client, Mbps

9. Return channel speed per 1 client, Mbps

10. Quantity and quality of TV channels (xx SD MPEG-2 or 4, yy HD MPEG-4 etc.)

11. Broadcasting standard (DVB-S, -S2, -C)

12. What type of system do You have at the moment?

13. Inform us about other radio-electronic systems, which can make interference with planned system

14. Notes:

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