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Request for development of TV broadcasting system MVDS/MITRIS type

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1. Coordinates of Main Station, GPS

2. Radius and form of the service zone (show on the map), km

3. Do You need signal repeaters for shadowed or far areas?

4. Lifting height of the TX antenna, m

5. Distance from equipment room to the TX antenna installation (cable length), m

6. Broadcasting standard (DVB-S, -S2, -C, -T, -T2)

7. Frequency range for broadcasting, GHz

8. Polarization (Horizontal, Vertical, Circular)

9. Quantity and quality of TV channels (xx SD MPEG-2 or 4, yy HD MPEG-4 etc.)

10. Type of input signal for our equipment: CVBS, ASI, SDI, HDMI, IP or other

11. Do you need CAS (conditional access system, scrambling) system?

12. Predictable quantity of free and paid TV programs in your network

13. Possible quantity of TV clients (min-max)

14. Do you need subscriber equipment? (LNB, antenna, STB etc.)

15. What type of system do You have at the moment?

16. Inform us about other radio-electronic systems, which can make interference with planned system

17. Notes:

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