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70MHz/L Upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy

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The upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy is suitable for building the large earth stations that require cost effective solutions for frequency converters.
Lightweight, durable and compact design ensures that the converter is effective solution for mobile reporting stations.
Thanks to aluminum chassis and solid modular interior design, the upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy can be installed on military targets. The upconverters units with 1+1 redundancy have a large MTBF value, which is more than 120,000 hours.

Upconverters units with 1+1 redundancy can be used in VSAT stations, SCPC networks, reporting stations of SNG type, DVB-RCS systems and hubs, and any other systems where compact backup systems are needed.



  • The upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy includes the separate frequency converter block, detector module, power supply and reference oscillator.
  • The upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy consists of two frequency converters, which are located in the case of 1RU and can be automatically replaced in "hot" mode (1+1).
  • It is possible to replace a separate converter block with a replacement block without turning off the chassis.
  • The upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy provides automatic (in case of failure of one of the blocks) or manual switching between the blocks of frequency converters.
  • Each converter is a completely autonomous device, which is executed as a replacement block.
  • Replacement blocks are frequency converters with dual conversion of 70 MHz / 2400 MHz / L.
  • It has local control from the front panel, which has LCD, LEDs and buttons.
  • Provides complete remote control via an Ethernet interface connector located on the back panel.



  • The upconverters unit with 1+1 redundancy provides the signals frequency conversion from the range of 50 - 90 MHz to the L-band (950-2150 MHz) when working in stations of satellite communication and television (L, S, C, X and Ku frequency bands).
  • Provides automatic "hot" backup of converter blocks, reference generators and power supply units according to the scheme 1+1.
  • Provides automatic switching to the backup unit when one of the blocks is broken.
  • Provides the gain factor adjusting either using buttons on the front panel or remotely.

Parameter name, unitsNominal value, tolerance
Input operating frequency range, MHz from 52 to 88
Uneven frequency response in the input operating frequencies range, dB, not more than 1.0
Frequency adjusting step, kHz 1
Frequency instability, ppm 0.01

Spectral density of phase noise power, dBc/Hz, in case of detuning from carrier on:

100 Hz

1 kHz

10 kHz

100 kHz

1 MHz







Frequency bandwidth at output, MHz 36
Unequal frequency response in the bandwidth 36MHz at the output range 950 - 2150 MHz, dB, not more than 5.0
Maximum acceptable level of the input signal (at attenuation 20 dB), dBm - 20
The output power level at 1dB compression (P1dB), dBm, not less than 0
The value of the IMD3 in the presence of two output signals with a power of -13dBm, dBm, not more than - 40
Maximum conversion gain, dB, not less than 50
Depth of the gain factor adjustment due to two attenuators, dB, not less than - 50
Step of adjusting the gain factor, dB 1.0
Impedance of radio frequency input, Ohm 50
Return losses at the input, dB - 18
Management and control mode Local and remote
Remote mode interface Ethernet 10/100 Base T
Impedance of output, Ohm 50
Output VSWR 1.8:1
Spurious radiation in the working frequency range, dBc, not more than - 55
Frequency of reference oscillator, MHz 10

Phase noise of the reference oscillator, dBc/Hz
when detuning from carrier on:

10 Hz

100 Hz

1 kHz

10 kHz





AC power supply voltage with frequency of 50 Hz, V 100 – 262
Power consumed in "hot" redundency mode (1+1), W, no more than 45
Overall dimensions (without connectors), mm 482 х 400 х 44
Weight, kg, no more than 7.0

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