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Band pass filter 2-16 GHz DRO based

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Band Pass Filter 2-16 GHz DRO Based can be used in transmitters to reduce the out of band emissions and limit the signal bandwidth, and reduce noise-band of transmitter. Also this filter can be used as diplexer filter in RRLs solution or as receiver filter for increasing signal-noise ratio.

Band Pass Filter 2-16 GHz DRO Based could be manufactured with different types of input and output connectors:

  • Input -> Output : Coaxial -> Coaxial
  • Input -> Output : Coaxial -> Waveguide
  • Input -> Output : Waveguide -> Waveguide

Ordering Band Pass Filter 2-16 GHz DRO Based, write in comments (or fill the form in "download" tab):

  1. carrier (f0)
  2. bandwidth
  3. out of band attenuation
  4. insertion loss
  5. types of input and output connectors (also type of waveguide, if you are interested in waveguide connector)


The following can explain you the band pass filter operation principle:

 Band pass filter 2-16 GHz DRO Based - principle of operation

Band Pass Filter 2-16 GHz DRO Based - AFC


Center frequency (f0) 2 … 16 GHz (by order)
Bandwidth (ΔF) 0.5-5.6% (from central frequency f0)
Insertion loss 0.5-3.0 dB (depending on bandwidth and number of links)
Stop band attenuation (at the 20 MHz detuning from pass frequency fp) -20 … -50 dB
Dimensions depend on bandwidth and number of links (the last chooses from out of band attenuation)

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