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4-channel crossover (Indoor Unit - IDU) is designed for generating power supply voltages for four ODU blocks.

For this purpose, next devices are installed into the block: four network pulsed power supplies (AC/DC-converters), four amplifiers and four power injectors, through which the supply voltage is led to output connectors OUT1-OUT4, which also receive radio frequency signals. Power supply voltages with RF signals are delivered to ODU blocks by these connectors and connected to them RF cables.

High-frequency input signals are routed to connectors IN1 - IN4, and, through them, to the amplifiers, which help to replenish the injector. The output signals in combination with power supply voltage are fed to the injectors.

The unit connection to the network is made by means of switchers SW1 - SW4. After switching on into the network, the “switch” key begins to glow. Power supplies of branches 1 and 2 are connected to the network with help of switcher SW1 and their output voltages are routed to the corresponding injectors. Accordingly, the power to branches 3 and 4 is routed by a switcher SW2.
After turning on the load with help of any switcher or if two switchers are turned on, the front panel fan (blower) must go off.


General parameters
Frequency range, MHz 470 - 862
Input, output impedance, ohm 50Ω / 75Ω
VSWR input/output 1.5
Gain variation (on each of the outputs relative to inputs), dB by order
Nominal output voltage А (main) and В (reserve), V +24
Maximal load current on outputs, А 2.5
Maximal power, consumption of network, W 200
Input connector N-Type or F - type (Female)
Output connector N-Type or F - type (Female)