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DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler

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1RF/2RF/4RF DVB-C 8ASI provides TS remultiplexing, scrambling, QAM modulating and Up-converting. This device has been designed for using in cable TV network and it is especially convenient for hotels and cottage settlements networks due to its ease of operation and cost effectiveness.

The 1RF/2RF/4RF DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler allows you to organize a small CATV network for broadcasting about 30 programs with a system for channels monitoring on PC. The device can replace four remultiplexers, four scramblers and four DVB-C Modulators.

range of output frequency DVB-C 8ASI scranbler

 The range of the output frequency adjustment for 3 configuration variants: 1RF, 2RF, 4RF


pachages spectrum arrangement  DVB-C 8ASI scranbler

Examples of packages spectrum arrangement within 48 MHz of 4RF (left) and 2RF (right)



  • The 1RF / 2RF / 4RF DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler remultiplexes up to 8 input transport streams and forms a group spectrum of up to 4 packages in DVB-C standard with RF output;
  • Standard SD / HD DVB-C receivers and DVB-C TV-sets can be used as subscriber's receivers;
  • IP output can be used for transporting one of the packages via IP network or monitoring one of the packages chosen from output or input stream at your PC;
  • The 1RF / 2RF / 4RF DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler can be used with analog cable network equipment when both the analog and digital signals are simulcast.


  • The 1RF / 2RF / 4RF DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler remultiplexes up to 8 input Transport Streams and forms a group spectrum of up to 4 packages in DVB-C standard with RF output.
  • DVCrypt CAS support;
  • EPG, OTA, LCN support, Network Search;
  • Automatic and manual PID insertion;
  • Adjustable symbol rate and level of the output RF signal;
  • Quick replacement of the device in the system without stream rescan;
  • Connection to PC: Ethernet (100 Mbit/s), RJ45;
  • Modulation type: QAM; constellation 32/64/128/256;
  • IP: RTP, UDP, RTP+ protocol support;
  • Software update/upgrade;
  • MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC, HD/SD and 3D support.


Subscribers card can be programmed  Subscribers card

Input Interface 8×DVB-ASI inputs; 1×IP input
Output Interface 2×DVB-ASI outputs, 1×RF output, 1×100M IP output
Modulation parameters
Frequency Range 36-900 MHz
Modulation Type QAM; constellation 32/64/128/256
Output Signal Bandwidth less 8 MHz
Adjustable Symbol Rate 1-6.9 Msym/s, 1 ksym/s step
Output RF Signal Level 80-100 dBuV, adjustment -10 dBuV
IP stream
IP RTP, UDP protocol support
Power Supply
Power ~220V+\-20%
Power Consumption Max 18 W
Size 19'', 1U 480×45×180 (mm)
Weight 3.5 Kg

Taking into consideration that we (ROKS PrJSC) are developer and system integrator, also do not stop on our technical growth and improvement, know that view of all our devices and equipment including their technical parameters may be different from pictures presented on website and parameters listed on each device webpage. 
Note! All details customer has to confirm in advance during ordering and before payment. Those parameters that were not specified and / or were not agreed while ordering will be implemented as basic at the discretion of the manufacturer. Each our customer has 1.5 year warranty and 7 year aftersales support for whole range of our products. 

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