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OSSA-KuV3 v1

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The antenna assembly is intended for covering of the cell subscription in the form of circle, and must be opened 360°. Nature of the terrain at the point of installation requires an adaptive tuning the radiation pattern in elevation and azimuth in three directions.
This assembly should, in some cases, replace and add in some previously defined triple reflector antenna with OMNI. Expected impact - less susceptible to weather conditions due to significantly lower the work surface (be in view less buildup of snow, ice and salt dust), and the ability to adjust the pattern.

Frequency range, GHz 10.7-13.5 
Gain, dBi, at least 5,5
Gain variation in the aperture, dB, not more ±2
VSWR, max 2
Polarization Vertical
Cross-polarization, dB, not less 25
@horizontal 270°
@vertical 20°
Input power, W, to 20
Waveguide WR-75 flange
Operating temperature, ° C -50 до +80
Humidity 100% @ 25°C
Dimensions, mm, not more  
Weight, kg, not more 12
Mount By order
Casing material Hermetically sealed