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Repeater Block X-band

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This Repeater Block is Low-Noise Receiver Amplifier (LNA) which is used for amplifying of weak X-band signals.
Signal gain is carried out by two blocks of amplifiers and bandpass filters – amplifying lines. These amplifying lines are connected to the corresponding branches of ferrite circulators, as a result forming diplexers. Diplexers divide by frequency the received signals from both inputs. The first block of amplifiers and bandpass filters amplifies the signal with a center frequency of 7.839 GHz, and the second block – with a center frequency of 8.150 GHz. These amplifying lines with inputs / outputs are connected to the corresponding branches of the ferrite circulators. Circular inputs are connected to the strip / waveguide transitions of WR112 waveguides. Their flanges are the inputs / outputs of the Repeater Block.
There are strip / waveguide adaptors at the Repeater Block inputs / outputs, their waveguide flanges is used for connecting the low-noise amplifier module to the antennas. The voltage of the Reaper Block is supplied via PC4 type connector.


  • Compact sizes
  • Wide supply voltage range: +15…+30 VDC
  • High efficiency – supply current is just 300 mA (max)
  • Output Power @P1dB: 23 dBm
  • Waveguide flanges: WR-112
  • 1st center frequency of 7.839 GHz and 2d center frequency of 8.150 GHz
    (as optional you may request the frequency from X-band)
  • 40 MHz band for center frquency
  • 35 dB gain (not less)

Frequency ranges:  
amplifier 1 7.839 GHz (with bandwidth 40 МHz)
amplifier 2 8.150 GHz (with bandwidth 40 МHz)
Gain of amplifiers 1 and 2, dB, not less 35
Noise figure of amplifiers 1 and 2, dB, not more 5.0
Output Power @P1dB, dBm 23
Output Power of amplifiers 1 and 2, dBm at level IMD3 – 45dBc, not less +15...16
Gain flatness over frequency range (amplifiers 1 and 2), dB, not less +/– 0.6
Input/output, not more 1.5
Input/output interfaces  Waveguide flanges WR-112
Return loss at Repeater Block inputs/outputs, not more 15 dB
Connectors for supply voltage РС4
Supply voltage, V +15…+30 VDC
Supply current, mA 300 mA max
Operating temperature From –30 to +60°C
Operating humidity from 0% to 95%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 134 x 47.9 x 178.8
Weight, kg up to 3 kg