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Radio Ralay Link Schematic:

Radio Ralay Link Schematic

Our links are designed mainly for TV broadcasting. Modulation standards used: DVB-S/S2/C/T/T2. Thus, no any converters needed for TV signal distribution - the signal from the Head-End can be dirctly submitted to the link transmiter. Links are developed in several bands with frequency plans lying in the frequency range from 1 to 40 GHz. They are mainly designed to transmit a television programs multiplex or E1/E3 plesiochronous hierarchy signals. Our links have wide frequency range and can conquer distances up to 100 km per one hop. Number of hops is not limited and depends on your line length. Links has approved their reliability by years of permanent work in hard environmental conditions. Properly designed link is even more robust than fiber because fiber can be damaged or torn by accident or disaster. Combined with our repeater, the link allows to expand the coverage zone far beyond the LoS of the TV broadcasting station. It is especially actual in highland area.




Link length, km

up to 100per one hop

Frequency range, GHz

1 to 40



Number of carriers

1 to 25

Operating modes

simplex and duplex

Antenna type

short-focus (minimal side radiation)

Built scheme


Monitoring and management

remote (optional)