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Protected DC injector

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Injector-Regulator is an active radio relay station outdoor component, designed to provide the power supply for both the RRS receiver and the RRS transmitter via radio-frequency cable that connects receiver and transmitter. moisture and dust proof mono-block designed for using outdoor (ODU).

Injector-Regulator is connected into the receiver-transmitter cable gap and provides independent power supply by voltages of the down-converter of receiver and the up-converter of transmitter. There is a possibility of switching a receiver polarization remotely (by separate cable) as well as switching the transmitter on/off.


Operating frequency range, MHz 950-1750
Input/output Impedance, Ohm 50
Inputs and outputs VSWR, no more than 1.8
Gain factor unevenness in the operating frequency range, dB, no more than 3.0
Remote control (ALC) power level range at the output, dBmkV 70 - 100
Maximum level of the modulated signal on an input, dBmW, no more than -10
Range of an automated level regulating, dB, not less +/- 10
General supply voltage, VDC 24±0.2
BUC regulated supply voltage, VDC 24±0.2
BUC maximum current, A 2.0
LNB regulated supply voltages, VDC +15
LNB maximum current, А 0.5
Reference signal frequency, MHz 10
Reference signal level on an input and output, dBm -5…+5
Reference signal relative stability, ppm 2.5
Dimensions, mm 155х114х55