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ASI input board

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ASI input board is intended for converting the DVB-ASI transport stream to DVB parallel transport stream and can be used for designing a variety of converters and other digital television equipment. The output transport stream from ASI input board is used as input stream for:

The input ASI stream can be received in packet or byte modes, 188 or 204 bytes in the packet. The output parallel transport stream is given in byte mode (188 bytes per packet), as the most universal and acceptable for all related modules. In addition, there is LED indication of operating modes on the board for better control.

Output Type  DVB ASI, electric
Modes  batch, byte
The number of bytes in the packet  188/204
Defining the type of the input stream  Automatic
Number of outputs  1
Type of output connectors  BNC
Interface output voltage  200 ... 800 mV
Interface output impedance  75 Ohm
Input bitrate up to 216 Mbps
Output bitrate up to 216 Mbps
Power  + 5V +/- 5% VDC
Power consumption 3 W
Dimensions 80x60 mm